American Airlines at LAX

Designed for University Course: Information Design

Project Infographic

Created May 2013

For my Information Design course, we were tasked with looking at 2012 LAX data and develop a way to display that information. After researching and gathering my own data, I chose to focus on American Airlines at LAX as they were the number one airline (based on number of passengers). I wanted to convey what separated them from the rest, more specifically Delta Airlines (the number two airline), and provide brief insight into why I think they succeed at LAX. The final format was a slideshow that could be displayed on their website or during a presentation. These are the slides.

Intro/Passenger Data

American Airlines at LAX Passengers Infographic


Flight Destination Data

American Airlines at LAX Destinations Infographic


Fleet Data

American Airlines at LAX Planes Infographic


Data Insights

American Airlines at LAX Data Insights